A valid prescription is an order for medication which is dispensed to or for patient once he/she is diagnosed.

A prescription for a measured substance must be :

  • Dated & signed
  • Written in legible ink , typewritten or a printout
  • Must be manually signed by the physician on the date when issued.

A valid prescription must have :

  1. Name, age and gender of the patient.
  2. Name, qualification, address and registration number of the doctor.
  3. Date of consultation.
  4. Name of the Medicines prescribed (Medicine name and strength).
  5. Directions for use including dosage, frequency and duration.
  6. Doctor’s signature.

valid Prescription1

‘All of the above points needs to be fulfilled otherwise the prescription is rendered invalid and medicine should not be dispersed.!’

Why is it important to have a valid prescription?


  • Medicines/drugs can be risky if consumed by anyone without having a medical necessity for them  or allergies that could react dangerously with such drugs.
  • The doctor checks patient’s medical history and only under those conditions he will prescribe the suitable drug.
  • When any patient avoids this procedure, self-diagnose plus without a prescription, orders medicines/drugs online, they take serious risks with their health.



Since I’ve been using my drugs for years, I can simply order them online why should I get a prescription for that?


There are 3 reasons for this:

  • A “prescribed” drug” needs a “medical advice” because of its side-effects, contact with other drugs & etc.
  • It doesn’t mean, to visit the doctor for every prescription he/she writes.
  • Discussion over a phone is alright for updating and changing drugs.
  • A doctor cannot give you medical recommendations if he has never met you personally
  • An online drugstore/pharmacy must ensure that the drugs they sell are valid.
  • If they don’t ask for a prescription to dispense a drug, they violate this procedure to make quick buy & are ready to take short-cuts with your health & safety.

NOTE: Make sure that your doctor has written the medicines name clearly and the duration for which they are to be taken.

In case the patient needs to take the medicine for a long period of time, it should be mentioned that a refill can be issued using the same prescription for up to a specified duration.