Feeling proud of yourself while taking out the old weighing scale? You’ve been taking care of your regime, eating healthy and exercising with discipline like a soldier. You are about to give a pat on your back as you step on the scale…Oopss! Despite all your efforts, you’ve gain weight. You must be doubting how did this happen?

Sometimes, what we think is healthy, we unknowingly wind up our best efforts at losing weight. Here are a few reasons:

1. You May be Overcompensating

Having started a healthy routine you’ve also subconsciously started ‘compensating’ yourself for all the hard work. That extra bite of pudding or some extra fries doesn’t make you feel guilty. In fact, you’re not thinking it won’t show up with your health in place. But the reality is that you may not always know how much you are ingesting, & how much you need to burn, therefore the shock-gain at the weighing scale.

2. Eating Incorrectly

Not everything marked as ‘low-fat’ is low calorie. Often, sugar is added to enrich the flavor of foods. These ‘not-so-good’ carbs go via your system swiftly, causing a spike in blood sugar followed by hunger pangs. Even while adding other nutrients & vegetables & in our daily routine, we often forget to check the amount oil we use for cooking.

3. You may be Dehydrated

Suffiecient hydration (2-3 litres of water per day approx.) helps your body function better, which keeps your weight in control.

4. Cooking Shows Tempt You

A new study in Appetite journal says that people who regularly watch cooking shows weigh an average to 4.5 kg more than women who flip through food magazines! This can be because using recipes off the TV may seem more calorific but it isn’t so. This happens because food shows tend to boost appetite even if you’re not hungry.

5. Counting Liquid Calories ?

Alcohol is calorifically solid and cocktails could at times go up to 500 calories per glass! Too much alcohol doesn’t enable your body to oust sodium, and this makes it retain more water. People also tend to munch fatty food while drinking. Your regular exercise routine may not be enough to get rid of those extra calories.

6. Eating Without Thinking

Your favorite film on TV or a game – and suddenly diet control goes out of the window, much like the super sixes. A study on nutrition indicates that eating while watching TV could lead to 10 percent more calories consumed in one session or 25 percent over the course of the day. And we eat more when it’s high-action entertainment.


It should be said that, give yourself a pat on the back for realizing you need to  re-gain your health and start workouts regularly. Take the first step as it is the biggest step of them all.

Poonam Singh