Did you realize that the main reason of death in the India is heart attacks? The stress that we take in our life and the junk food that we consume is a great contributor for heart failure which is getting very common now.

Leaving a healthy life and controlling the stress in your life can help in protecting you from a heart attack. But knowing the heart attack symptoms 1 month before can save someone’s life.

Below are the alerts of a heart attack which you may have in a month.


Heart receives less blood when the arteries become narrow. After the heart receives less blood the heart starts working harder and leaves you feeling tired and drowsy.


Our blood contains oxygen and when our heart receives less blood it means the lungs are not getting enough oxygen. Both the systems depend on each other. So if you are having any breathing problem you should see the doctor very soon, it could mean that you are near to get a Heart attack.


Blood circulation gets very slow when the arteries start becoming narrower which makes the body very weak. The muscles do not get what they need and they become very weak and we can also faint and fall so we should be very careful.


Poor circulation affects the blood circulation to your brain, means the brain does not get enough blood. This may cause weakness and sweating. You should not take this lightly.


You will start paining in your chest, feeling discomfort in your chest, minor pain or built-up pressure. This will continually increase until the attack happens.

How to handle this:

If anyone is experiencing these kinds of symptoms, please consult a doctor. You can only prevent a heart attack by knowing the early symptoms.

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