Coming across a familiar name like Aloevera gives you an idea of the plant with big flat stems and thorns at the border which is used as a medicine.

But this magical plant has a lot more to be explored as a domestic ornamental plant and herbal medicine. Well known as “Gwarpatha” in layman language, its scientific name is “Aloevera”.

It is a succulent plant species, used as herbal medicine from the very onset of the first century AD. It is a short stemmed plant growing at a height of 60-100 cm and spreading by offsets.

The leaves, thick and fleshy varying from green to grey green in color, are serrated and have white small teeth.

We can find a large variety of this plant being cultivated all across the globe and utilized in numerous ways along with growing it as an ornamental plant. Acquiring just a small corner in your house, this Herbal Doctor will give you lifetime aids at the cost of just water and a little care.

It can be easily grown in a small earthen pot with its leaf and you can enjoy 100 useful benefits of Aloevera.

Aloevera gel is widely used in medicines, skin care products and dietary supplements.  Let us have a look at the forms, benefits and uses of the Magical Plant.

Various Forms of Aloevera:

Aloevera can be used in various forms such as:

1.    Leaf Aloevera

2.  Extract Aloevera (the whole leaf is pounded)

3.  oil Aloevera

4. latex Aloevera

5.  juice Aloevera

6.  Aloevera supplements such as drinks, juices and ointments and

7.  Lotion Aloevera

Uses of Aloevera:

1.    Consuming 1 to 3 ounce of Aloevera gel at meal times can fight heartburn and digestion problems.

2.    A small amount of Aloevera coating on fruits and vegetables can keep various harmful bacteria away.

3.    Using Aloevera extract as a mouthwash can help in getting rid of plaque and bleeding and swelling gums.

4.    Just two spoons of Aloevera juice a day can drastically bring down the blood sugar levels in one’s body.

5.    Aloevera pure gel helps in relieving constipation.

6.   This plant has a tendency to store water so it helps to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

7.   Aloe emodin, a compound in Aloevera leaves plays a vital role to fight the spread of breast cancer cells.

8.   Aloevera gel can be used in various forms to treat skin diseases like acne, sunburns and sensitive skin.

9.  It is a major catalyst in losing the extra pounds from the body and enhancing metabolism and boosting immunity.

10. It can be consumed in the form of juice, gel or mixing it with something sweet and also by preparing its vegetable curry like other vegetables.

11. Aloevera contains the proteolytic enzymes which help in repairing the dead skin cells of the scalp and hence reducing hair fall.

12. Aloevera gel works wonders on kitchen burns and insect bites.

13. Aloevera acts as a magical aid in treating frostbite, herpes outbreak, Athlete’s foot, blisters, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, minor vaginal irritations, gastrointestinal disorders, ulcerative colitis, urinary tract infections and prostate problems, arthritis, rheumatism pain, asthma and the list continues.

Benefits of Aloevera:

1.    Serves as an ornament as well as a doctor for your household.

2.    Requires less amount of water.

3.    Extremely constructive and protective in rejuvenating the skin and the wounds.

4.    Creates amazing medicines in combination with various other plants like Spirulina, Chlorella, Acai Berry and Goji Berry, Ginko Biloba, Turmeric, Ginger, Ginseng and Maa.

5.    Fights all common diseases like heartburn and builds immunity power.