7 Common Disease MYTHS About Diabetes:-

Deception about diabetes is very common. A first stair in managing this serious situation is learning the correct facts. Find out which commonly held notions about diabetes as a disease are true and which of them are false.

1. Diabetes is the reason for more deaths each year than breast cancer & AIDS combined.

Having this disease almost doubles your chances of having a heart attack. The good news is that a good  precaution/control can reduce the risks for diabetes complications.

2. There are two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1: Caused when pancreas completely stops making any insulin, which helps the body to use glucose (sugar) in foods for energy.
  • Type 2: Results after the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or is unable to use it properly (referred as ‘insulin resistance’). Research has shown that sugary drinks are linked to type 2 diabetes.

3. Medicine today hasn’t offered a cure for diabetes, it can only provide us control at best.

  • Living with this disease is not too difficult these days. A blend of medication advised by your specialist, a healthy meal plan (i.e. balanced carbs, fats and proteins) & regular exercise is the trick! Oral pills (makes insulin function well) & insulin shots are really effective & helps lowering your high blood glucose.

4. Just because some of your family members have Type 2 diabetes, doesn’t mean you’re cursed to have it too! 

However, you are certainly at higher risk of developing it & hence adopt healthier lifestyle changes like diet control & a regular exercise plan to maintain an ideal body weight & waist circumference (< 90 cm in men, < 80 cm in women) is useful in

  • lowering the risk of T2 diabetes. Despite of this if you still are diagnosed with T2 diabetes, do not lose hope! Diabetes is a serious disease, but it is also controllable. Don’t let this disease hamper your way of living a long & satisfying life!

5. There are no reasons why people with Type 2 diabetes can’t eat sweets as part of their healthy meal plan.

  • Diabetics need to eat in small portions or as a special treat, & you can eat whatever they want. Diabetes doesn’t mean you can never ever have a piece of cake again, just a small piece, &  be alert about what you eat with that piece of cake. Having dessert occasionally – once a month is fine, but not every day or night. Burn more calories when you do this & monitor your sugars/glucose regularly to know how that piece of cake did!

6. Any physical fitness program is required to be approved by your diabetes specialist before starting, but once you are into routine, being active & healthy with diabetes is completely possible!

Actually, coupled with a proper diet program, exercise forms the basis in controlling your blood sugar/glucose levels too helping in weight management.

7. Women, managing their diabetes well can go through a normal pregnancy & give birth to a healthy baby.


Poonam Singh