We all want to stay healthy and fit by joining yoga classes with best of intentions—to strengthen and stretch, to heal our bodies, restore our spirits and minds. But unfortunately, as a beginner it’s easy to find an injury instead— especially if you step on your mat with a competitive mindset, or else encounter a tutor with less than best experience or training. That’s especially true for beginners. Here are the most common yoga mistakes beginners make:

1. Taking  difficult courses

Yoga has several levels. It is very strange when beginners start their yoga practice or join the advance level courses. There is a huge risk of hurting yourself. It’s like diving into the end of a deep pool without knowing how to swim. Look out for basic classes or invest in a beginner’s yoga DVD.


2. Wearing wrong clothes

A lot of people try to hide/pelt the bulkiness by wearing baggy & loose clothes while practicing yoga. Instead, wear form- fitting outfits, that lets you breathe & doesn’t make you uncomfortable while trying out different asanas.

3. Find Yoga boring at times.

There are some sides of Yoga which our mischief-maker minds find rather boring. Plus when this happens, like when you clutch an asana for too long or meditate, your mind might go to sleep or drift off. But don’t lose hope..Continue holding each asana for 3-5 five deep & slow breaths, in and out of your nostrils and you will start loving it all over again.

4. Being Insecure

Forget about who’s judging or umpiring you in the class. Everyone’s there for a particular purpose. Yoga isn’t one-size-fits-all exercise form. Everybody is unlike and asanas can be modified to work specially for you. Yoga isn’t about performing crazy stunts or being super-flexible; it is about connecting your mind with your body through easy breathing. You become flexible over a period of time while practicing.

5. Don’t Go With A Full Tummy

When you are all full, your blood supply is channeled through your stomach to collect the nutrients from your food. It leaves your muscles deprived of the energy they need for a successful training. Grab a fruit & a toast if you’re hungry. Nothing more.