“I realized looking at you feels like looking at the purest love I will ever know.” 

As we grow older, time we spend with our families becomes minimal. We are either hanging out with our friends, studying, working or sitting in a room watching the newest episode of our favorite show.

But being away from our families & absolutely busy in our lives, we at times forget the people who got us where we are and  especially  that one person who sacrificed every second of her life and pushed us to make the person we are today, Mothers.

Our first teacher, who taught us every bit from brushing our teeth to tying our shoe laces, she has always been all around us giving her all 365 days of a year to us.

But here’s this day that is hers with a promise to give our upcoming years to them. Our Mums are really special & we love them more than anything but here are things we need to thank our lovely mothers  :

1. At 6 in the morning, while we soundly sleep in our beds she’s up and around, attending the milk-man, overseeing the maid & trying to get our break-fast ready.


2. Since we opened our eyes, we cannot remember a single day when Mom was not around, while we cry, smile or fall she is always there. First doctor we called at first.


3. It’s thanks to her magical hands for transforming a messy room & an untidy closet into a flawlessly organized one.


4. Honestly, we are capable of doing all our laundry ourselves. But we are lazy enough. Moms always ensure that we have clean clothes to wear.


5. Mommies are our personal MasterChef. From morning till we go to bed, and a hundred times in between, she takes care that we’re well fed and full. BUURRRPP..!!