Majority of Indians love one thing, “Chai”. But when scorching sun is on your head beating you down with all its heat, the idea of a hot cup of tea might make us quail. Imagine you are sweating badly, dying of sun stroke and feel dehydrated. Have a look around, you might find thirst busters inside or outside your house. Here are summer drinks that will keep you healthy & hydrated.

1. Coconut Water

A refreshing drink when it’s hot and gives you feeling of “beaches”. It hydrates and replenishes the vital minerals & antioxidants lost because of the diuretic alcohol – effect.



2. Lassi (Kulhad Wali)

A Kulhad of lassi full of rich dry fruits and frothy slushie, Oh! You might skip your meal after having it. Also the thick creamy layer which floats on top of it can make you go…Yummm!



3. Masala Chaas ( Buttermilk)

It’s one of my favorite summer drinks. Besides being tasty it’s healthy too as its sugar-free making an ideal summer drink for all women keeping check on your weight or trying to lose some.



 4. Mousambi Juice

A drink energizing to pick-you up on a hot day, keeps you hydrated and refills the body with lots of vitamins, minerals and the taste is just unmatched. It helps you to lose weight & keeps your hair healthy.



5. Jal – Jeera

A drink made with jal & jeera with a crazy mixture of tasty spices. A sip of this tangy- peppy drink & you can feel flavor- blast in your mouth.



6. Homemade Iced Tea

A cooler version of tea for all tea lovers. Summers are perfect time to enjoy the restorative assets of herbal teas in the most energizing form — flavor of fresh herbs, lemon & raw honey for a taste of sweetness.



7.Aam Panna

Gobbling a glass of such sour and sweet liquid syrup before you stepping out in scorching heat helps to beat the hotness. I would regularly just gulp, burp and repeat it during summer days.



8.Ganne ka juice

Don’t you feel it’s fascinating to watch the ganna-waala bhaiya send the gannas through that roller machine? I feel it’s the most –wanted summer drink as we can see the long canes squeezing into tasty juice. It refreshes you instantly.


sugarcane juiceSource:lifestyletopia

9. Nimbu Paani

Another soothing homemade drink that’s a combination of nimbu and paani. The only drink you can have anytime and anywhere. It’s healthy and prevents from sun strokes. You also won’t mind shelling out some rupees for it.



10. Thandai (Sardai)

We welcome summers with having a chilled glass of Thandai on Holi, definitely not bhang. It is prepared with a blend of almonds, magaztari seeds, fennel seeds, pepper, rose petals, vetiver seeds, saffron, milk cardamom and sugar.